Welcome! I‘m so happy you’re here!! My name is Michelle Pušič  Ryall. I am the creator, voice and face behind SlovenianKitchen.com & Slovenska Kuhinja ® 

Slovenska kuhinja’ means Slovenian kitchenI  am inspired to share generations of, mostly, Slovenian recipes! The recipes I share in my blog are authentic, approachable & family-friendly, most importantly you can trust that they taste great. I hope they will inspire you to make them for your family and that they bring you as much comfort as they bring to mine!

Family is Everything

My parents were both born in Slovenia. My mom was born and raised in the region of Prekmurje and my dad was born in Bela Krajina. My dad came to Canada when he was 5. My mom came to Canada on her own, leaving her family behind at the young age of 18. Not soon after moving to Canada, did my gorgeous green-eyed mama, meet my handsome blue-eyed dad. This was the beginning of their beautiful love story -- Together they worked so hard, building the life of their dreams. It was so important to them to raise their 3 children in a home filled with an abundance of love, strong religious values and rich Slovenian traditions!    



Growing up, I always had a passion for cooking and baking. The kitchen is where you would have found me. I would have been standing on a chair,  right next to my mom. I was always so proud to be her little helper, and of course I was always wearing my cute little Slovenian apron! I loved helping Mama cook and bake. 


My mom is the “Queen of the Kitchen”. Mama is my inspiration for sharing Slovenian food with the world! ❤️  

My husband (Dana) and I met back in 1992.  We met when we were 15 years old, catering at a Slovenian event.  Life took us into different directions, so we could explore the world and complete our studies. In 1999, just weeks after we graduated, our paths led us back to each other again. As the saying goes, “the rest was history”. 

We got married in 2003.  He made me a mom of 2 amazing guys, Ethan and Evan. The kitchen is certainly the heart of our home, and as a family we love gathering there. We are definitely foodies at heart ❤️  



My Heart

I draw on all of my past experiences which make me the creator, photographer, blogger & business owner that I am today! I thrive on my cultural heritage.  My family, friends, Slovenian heritage, and Jesus have always been the centre of my heart.   

My 'Resume'

  • I started working as a young pre-teen, catering at weddings and special events with a Slovenian catering company. 
  • Graduated with a Degree in Business. I had a vision and dreams of one day owning & operating my own business, off the coast of the Slovenian Riviera. (...never say never)
  • Worked in sales, as an account manager, for several years in the consumer packaged goods industry.
  • Became a mom and was blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom to raise my 2 adorable boys (most cherished & valuable role to date)
  • Owned & operated my own custom design cake business 
  • Blogging since 2020

In a nutshell, I'm a Wife, Mom, Creator, Photographer, Entrepreneur - A Social Media Boss!

"Someone once said that it's our mission in life to find our purpose. I feel so blessed to have discovered mine — “Spreading love, one recipe at a time, from my Slovenian kitchen.  I was so born to do this!" ❤️ Michelle xo         

Made with Love

The birth of my Slovenska Kuhinja Facebook Group started back on April 3, 2020. My main purpose behind launching the group was because cooking & baking are my passions and my outlet.  The world entered into uncertain times, and I felt that I needed to find a distraction, and focus on the things that made me happy - and those have always been my Family, Friends, Food & Slovenia! Just a few days after launching my Facebook group my following exploded and the group was being shared all around the world! It has been such a humbling and emotional journey for me. My Slovenska Kuhinja ® brand has grown much larger than I could have ever imagined. My Sloveniankitchen.com Website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have over 30K+ Followers combined. I just hit a milestone where my videos on YouTube have been viewed over 350,000+ times! 
I am motivated to continue to keep our roots and traditions growing strong for our future generations! My passion is for people around the world to take a journey with me and fall in love with Slovenian cuisine. I love sharing authentic traditional recipes that have been in my family for many generations.

This is a personal website and all of the recipes I share with you have been tried, tested and are 100% approved by my family.  All of the photography, videography and editing is done by me. Many of the authentic Slovenian recipes I share come from my Mama, family, friends and my personal experience in the kitchen. I feel so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life that have so generously shared and passed down their rich knowledge of cooking. This allows me to live out my dream and spread love all around the world from my Slovenian Kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by my food blog, I am so glad that you're here!



Get Featured: If you would like your recipe to be featured email it to me at: sloveniankitchen@gmail.com

***** Thank you to Urad vlade za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu for their co-sponsorship. I feel very fortunate for their love and support! XO

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