Šmorn Recipe | Slovenian Shredded Pancake with Berry Compote

ŠMORN Is a rustic, almost forgotten about Slovenian dish. Think of a fluffy pancake that has been torn, shredded and scrambled up. My mom used to make this often when we were little. It’s a dish that brings a warm
hug to my heart because it reminds me of my brother and sister, they loved this dish so much! — They used to let it rain with sugar on top! So delicious let’s get started!


2 x large eggs, Separated
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup of milk
1-2 tsp’s sugar
pinch of salt

*optional: 1/4 cup raisins + 3 Tbsp’s rum 

1. Place egg whites into a bowl. Using a hand mixer, whip egg whites for about 2-3 minutes until you get a nice fluffy and stiff consistency. Set bowl aside.
2. In another bowl, mix the flour, egg yolks, milk, sugar and salt. Whisk until well combined. 
3. Add the egg whites into the batter and gently hand mix until well blended.
4. (Optional) * if you are using raisins: In a small bowl, soak the raisins in the rum for about 15 minutes. Then, strain the raisins out of the rum and discard the rum. 
5. Heat up 1 Tbsp or butter in a 9” frying pan. Once the butter begins to bubble, or if you are using oil, and it gets warm enough, add the batter into the pan. Allow to cook for 3-5 minutes. **If you are using rum-raisins add them to the top of the batter at this time.
6. Once the bottom is cooked and starting to get a nice golden brown colour, halve the pancake with your spatula and then flip it in half.
7. Using a spatula or wooden spoon, start shredding the pancake. Continue tearing up the pieces until scrambled and fully cooked. The bite size pieces should be nicely cooked and golden brown.
8. Top the shredded pancake with sugar, powdered sugar and serve it with a side of homemade berry compote. (see below for my ‘Berry Compote’ recipe) 

• 2 cups fresh or frozen mixed berries (I like to use strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
• 2 Tbsp’s water or orange juice

1. Place fruit and water or juice in a small saucepan on medium heat.
2. Once it starts to bubble, reduce the heat and use a wooden spoon to muddle and mash the fruit.
3. Continue cooking over medium-low heat for another 10-12 minutes, occasionally mashing the fruit to combine.
 Remove from heat and transfer to a clean jar or container to cool thoroughly.

* Store in the fridge for up to 1 week or freeze in ice cube molds up to 1 month. Reheat to serve with šmorn, palačinke, french toast, and more!

I want to see your delicious photos!

I hope this Slovenian Shredded Pancake recipe becomes a new favourite for you and your family. If you make something and post it on social media, please tag #sloveniankitchen or @slovenska_kuhinja so I can see it on Facebook and Instagram too! 

Lots of love, 

Michelle Pušič Ryall XO



My Dad was Slovenian and my Mum, Australian. She made this for us when we were little kids, 50 years ago, but she used pineapple instead of the raisins.


My Slovenian grandmother would make this. She called it Gonza. Have you heard it called that?

Duane Kajtna

Both my maternal and paternal GrandMothers made this all the time when I was a child. I have been looking for this in many cookbooks but by a different name. So happy to find this. Thanks

Linda Jacobson

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