KRHKI FLANCATI | Angel Wing Cookies | Fried Sweet Crostoli | Kroštule

There are two kinds of flancati, soft and brittle. This is a recipe for the brittle Flancati, also known as fried sweet crostoli, kroštule or angel wings. They are considered a traditional Slovenian Carnival food.

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‣ 40dkg or 400g or 2 + 3/4 cups flour
‣ 2 + 1/2 tsp’s baking powder
‣ 1/4 cup oil
‣ 1/2 cup white wine
‣ 8 Tbsp’s sour cream
‣ 4 eggs yolks
‣ 1 Tbsp rum
‣ 1 Tbsp lemon zest
‣ 1 package of vanilla sugar
‣ pinch of salt

1. In a separate bowl sift flour, add baking powder. Set bowl aside.
2. In a mixing bowl add remaining ingredients. Beat until well combined.
3. Mix using a stand up mixer or by hand. Slowly start adding in flour a spatula at a time. You may not require all of the dough, or you may need a little more. *watch and refer to video to see how the dough should look during this step
4. Once all is well combined (dough may be a little sticky still), continue kneading on a floured bench or table.
5. Once you get a nice soft dough, place into a bowl. Cover and let rest for about an hour.
6. Roll out dough on a floured table cloth. Dough should be as thin as a the spine of a kitchen knife.
7. Cut into strips that are 2" wide and about 4" in length.
8. Cut a line in the centre of each rectangle. Take one end and feed it through the centre slit.
9. Heat oil to 160 degrees. I like to use sunflower or canola oil.
10. Fry until a nice golden colour. Remove and place on a cooling rack or a plate that has been lined with paper towel.

11. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Dober tek!




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Thank you very much for the recipe!!


Thank you my mother was/is an amazing cook I will surprise her next year using your recipe and see how it compares with my mums hers are rip snorter yummo

Jožef Koder

My mom and my aunts would make these all the time and they were soo good. Thank you for the recipe.

cecelia marie alford

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