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These Easter Basket Covers are made of the finest white linen and are all silkscreened by hand. They are handmade in Slovenia from start to finish.

The festive Easter linen cover is one of the most precious textile pieces in a Slovenian household. It has been used for centuries to cover a basket full of Easter delicacies and then taken to church to be blessed.It was a sacred piece of family history, that was cared for with the greatest respect and it was passed down from generation to generation. 

This Slovenian Easter Doily Pattern, was graphically updated from a tablecloth that was used in a Slovenian homestead over 100 years ago.

*This is a Special order and only while quantities last. Please allow time for shipping as it is being sent directly from Slovenia. **Depending on your address, it is not guaranteed that it will arrive before Easter.

DIMENSION: 50×50 cm

WASH: handwash 
DRYING: on air
IRONING: on max temperature of  iron