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The Slovenska Kuhinja® enamel mug was designed by Michelle with a heart full of sLOVEnia — Manufactured by EMO-Novum in Slovenia. It is an Exclusive design for the New! Slovenska Kuhinja ® Kitchen Collection. 

The Kitchen is the heart of every Slovenian home! This authentic & traditional Slovenian mug will create a lovely nostalgic atmosphere in your Kitchen. Michelle was Inspired by her fond childhood memories of sipping warm milk out of her ‘Slovenian-Made’ EMO mug, while visiting her grandparents' farm in Prekmurje, Slovenia.

This Slovenian mug will make the most perfect nostalgic gift for family, friends or any Slovenia Lover! 

EMO-Novum is located in Celje, Slovenia 🇸🇮 The origins of EMO enamel products go back to 1894. Manufacturing only the highest quality of kitchen essentials. EMO preserves its hundred-year-old tradition of production of enamelware. The products have an excellent reputation and are well known all around the world.

Heat resistant. Does not contain any harmful substances. Allergy-free. 


*** SOLD OUT ****** SOLD OUT ****** SOLD OUT ***