Basic Crepe Recipe | How to Make Slovenian-style Crepes | Palačinke(Video)

Basic Crepe Recipe | How to Make Slovenian-style Crepes | Palačinke(Video)

This is an easy basic recipe for Palačinke (crepes). Palačinke are Slovenian-style thin pancakes. Similar to a crepe. Slovenians did not invent them, but they sure are very popular in many European countries.

I grew up eating them and my boys just love them too. Although It’s an extremely simple recipe to make it does take a few attempts to master the perfect batter and consistency. 

In our house we enjoy eating them for breakfast, lunch, or dessert. They can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings. In this video I’m going to share how to enjoy them both ways. 


‣ 1 Cup Flour (all purpose) - sifted

‣ 3 large Eggs – Make sure your eggs are at room temperature. Remove them from the fridge about 30 min. before you start making the batter

‣ 1 cup Milk 

‣ 3/4 cup mineral carbonated water 

‣ 2 Tbsp’s oil or Melted Butter

‣ pinch of Salt 

How make easy classic Slovenian-style crepes: 

  1. In a mixing bowl sift in the flour, 3 eggs, milk, carbonated mineral water, 2 Tbsp’s oil & salt. Use a whisk to combine the ingredients together really well. You can also use a hand mixer or an even easier method is to use a blender.
  1. Allow the batter to rest for about 20-30 minutes.
  1. Brush the pan with a small amount of oil/butter and pour in about 1/3 cup of batter. Tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly.
  1. Cook over low to medium heat for about a minute until the crepe starts to pull away from the sides of the pan. Continue cooking with the remaining batter, keeping an eye on and adjusting the heat if the crepes are cooking too  quickly.
  1. Fill your palačinke with your favourite filling and either roll up or fold in half twice! Dobertek

*(This recipe makes 8 Crepes)

Watch the Classic Slovenian-Style crepe (Palačinke) Recipe Video: